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Preparing – publication Omnia Vanitas and Baudelaire

Publication Omnia Vanitas and Baudelaire in process (poetry collection rewritten by Ľubomír Feldek)

Mohlo ba sa vám páčiť


The work of Katarína Vavrová has a special and important place in the context of Slovak contemporary art. She appeared on the Slovak art scene in

Virtual exhibition – Omnia Vanitas

In cooperation with Peter Anderovský (pictonica.com), we have prepared a virtual exhibition for you in our gallery in the old town of Bratislava. An exhibition called Omnia Vanitas.

Journey in the light

Journey in the Light is the name of an exhibition by the Slovak artist Katarína Vavrová, the opening of which took place on 11 December

All artwork is under copyright © Katarína Vavrová