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Slovak Impressions II.

Slovak impression project II. was created by connecting a sincere effort to preserve pieces of our national wealth for the time we live in.
The costume that accompanied our ancestors every day of their lives became the basic material of this idea.
Katarína Vavrová has been involved in this topic for years. She sensitively plays with colors, embroiders and uses her unique work to connect worlds.
In the project, she is joined by the artists Rudavský, Jacqueline knows how to reshape and grasp historical material to create a unique piece of jewelry.
Ondrej Rudavský is a multimedia artist who through film, animation, digital creation, jewellery, sculpture, music and illustration will create a new photograph inspired by the photographs of Karol Plicka by combining jewelery with a contemporary model of a woman in a time forgotten by the years. The collection of these works is part of the project. The installations are enriched with hats and costumes from the collection of Stanislav Talapka.

The project will be the theme of our gallery throughout this year.
It started in Danubiana, then moved to Orava, from there it will go to Brno, Vienna and finally to Kremnica at the end of this year.

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All artwork is under copyright © Katarína Vavrová